Benjamin Breaking Barriers:
Autism — A Journey of Hope


Malva Freymuth Tarasewicz, DMA:  author, professional musician, and mother of an autistic son
  • author of Benjamin Breaking Barriers:  Autism — A Journey of Hope (2014)
  • author of Mental Practice & Imagery for Musicians (1999)
  • published articles (see below):  ergonomics for violinists/violists; mental practice for musicians
  • dressage: Malva’s equestrian achievements (see horse story below)
  • choral conducting (see sample program below)
  • Malva’s bio (see below)


Competing in upper-level dressage

Malva, professional violinist


Mother and son



Benjamin Breaking Barriers:  Autism—a Journey of Hope
  See Autism Book page for complete information

Mental Practice & Imagery for Musicians
  This book, initially published in 1999 and reprinted several times since then, is currently out-of-print. 
  I anticipate that it will be reissued again by 2015.

         News Release:  MP&I News Release.pdf
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         Professional reviews:  MP&I Reviews.pdf
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         Flyer:  MP&I Book Flyer.pdf
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Published Articles for Musicians

As a young violinist, I developed severe tendinitis that was specific to my violin-playing activities.  In rehabilitating myself from injury, I spent several years experimenting with ergonomic principles and developing mental practice techniques; I found that a synergistic combination of these two approaches fosters efficiency and effectiveness in violin playing—and indeed, in the pursuit of any physical skill.

    Freymuth, Malva  “Rest Easy.”  The Strad.  Vol. 114, No. 1360   The Strad 2003.pdf
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                                       (August 2003): 850-855      

    Freymuth, Malva  “Give Your Students Security and Comfort.” 
                                       American Suzuki Journal.  Vol. 30, No. 4 (2002): 59-62.
                                       Link to this article:

    Freymuth, Malva  “Question/Answer Column.”  Strings.  Vol. 11,   Strings 1997.pdf
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                                       No. 5 (Jan./Feb. 1997):  24-25 

    Freymuth, Malva  “Mental Practice:  Some Guidelines for Musicians.”   AMT 1994.pdf
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                                       American Music Teacher. (April-May 1994): 18-21

    Freymuth, Malva  “Mental Practice for Musicians:  Theory and Application.”  Article for MPPA.pdf
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                                       Medical Problems of Performing Artists.
                                       Vol. 8, No. 4 (December 1993): 141-143

Dressage (Equestrian) Achievements: 

My horse, Orion, and I are currently training at the Intermediare II level of dressage.  I have earned the U.S. Dressage Federation’s bronze and silver medals, and also the U.S.D.F. bronze and silver freestyle bars.

      Story of my turbulent first year with Orion:  Horse Story.pdf
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       Malva & Orion photo:   Malva & Orion 2.JPG
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Choral Conducting

I have a long-standing love for the sounds of choral music and I revel in sharing the breadth and richness of our western musical heritage; I also appreciate the music of other cultures and the sounds of modern musical developments.  I have enjoyed presenting choral programs that reflect my joy in music.

Sample Program:  Sample Choral Program.pdf
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Bio for Malva Freymuth Tarasewicz:
  Malva's Bio.pdf
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